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Vice President Zhibin Chen met with Mr. Nicolas GHERARDI

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Recently, Vice President Zhibin Chen met with Mr. Nicolas GHERARDI in the fourth conference room, who is the consul for scientific and educational cooperation of the French Consulate General in Guangzhou.

Vice President Chen represented the school leadership to welcome Mr.GHERARDI to visit Hainan Medical University and briefed the guests on the overall situation of the university, the characteristics of the development of discipline, the international education and the situation of international communication.

Mr. GHERARDI showed great interests in the introduction from Vice President Chen, especially in tropical medicine. He said that he would promote the cooperation between the relevant French universities, research institutions and Hainan Medical University through Consulate General by exchanging messages, and to promote the French University representatives to visit Hainan Medical University.

The visitors who accompanied Mr. GHERARDI are Ms. Huiyu Zhao, the Assistant Secretary for Science and Education, Consulate General of France in Guangzhou and Ms. Tingting Li, from provincial Foreign Affairs Office.

Prof.Wang Huamin, Dean of School of International Education and Mr.Li Qi, Vice-Director of Research, who were presented at the conference.