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The First English Lecturing Competition of(MBBS)for Youth Teachers Was Successfully Held in HMU

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On April 23rd,the first English lecturing competition of(MBBS)for youth teachers was successfully held in HMU with judges,related teachers and students participated.18 excellent young teachers from different schools which are SCM,SPHS,STL,SPS took part in the contest and they were divided into basic and clinical groups.The competition eventually produced 2 first-prize winners, 4 second-prize, 6 third-prize as well as some other awards.Huimin Huang from pediatrics and Jing Zheng,Pathology respectively got the first place in individual groups.Besides,anatomy teacher Dr.Jimmy was specially awarded as outstanding foreign teachers.Finally one of the contestants will be selected to participate the first MBBS project of teaching in English for young teachers held in Guangzhou on June 3-6.

Presentation from clinical group

Presentation from basic group

Expert judges observe the class demonstration

Expert judges score for the participating teachers

question and answer session

panel of expert judges and student exchange after the competition